There is no up charging for hot towels, cupping, or aromatherapy.

Swedish Massage: 

  A good choice for stress and tension. Swedish massage uses medium-firm pressure to promote relaxation while combining techniques that will ease tight, achy muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage: 

 Deep Tissue Massage is effective for for areas where repetitive motions have led to pain and stiffness, along with addressing issues with lingering injuries.  This session will often include cupping, heat therapy, stretching and active/passage release techniques that help to improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.

30 Minutes:  $35
60  Minutes: $60
90 Minutes:  $90
​Massage with Hot Stones
Heated basalt stones are used during the massage to allow heat to radiate deeper into the muscles to improve flow of energy and to relieve joint and muscle pain.

90 Minutes: $105

Additional Enhancements:

Peppermint Scalp Treatment

Clear your head and cool your mind! Enhance your Massage with a unique Peppermint Scalp Massage. Provides deep relaxation, eases headaches, stimulates the scalp, releases tension, and calms, soothes and enhances your well-being.  

Added onto massage... $5

Foot Exfoliation

Ah your feet! Relax as  your feet are wrapped in hot towels, gently stretch, and compress your feet. You will then receive a stimulating exfoliation foot scrub followed by a hydrating foot cream applied with a massage.

Foot Scrub...........$10

Back Scrub .........$10

Hand Scrub........$10


TLC Foot Treatment:

Begins with hot towels, foot massage with a nice refreshing foot balm.  Great for sore achy feet!

15 minutes added to 30- or 60- minute session:  $20



Back Massage
Head, Neck and Shoulder  Chair/Table Massage
Remaining fully clothes for this session. More emphasis is placed on the scalp, neck and shoulders to help relieve headaches, tension, and stress. 
15 Minutes..........$20
25 Minutes..........$30

Effective January 2022 massage services will increase $5