Welcome ​to Healing Path Massage

Have you experienced neck/shoulder pain that, no matter what you tried it just would not let up?

Chances are that your answer is yes.

The probability that most tension and stress are held within the shoulder and neck area and combined

with our use of technology, sitting for hours at a desk job or driving, we develop chronic pain symptoms.

If not addressed, chronic neck and shoulder pain can lead to:

- Poor posture

- Nerve damage

                                                                        - Reduced lung capacity from a compressed chest region

          - Spinal misalignment

                                       - Difficulty getting restful night’s sleep

                    - Difficulty turning the neck

                               - Tension headaches and migraines

I provide localized and specific manual therapy that can help alleviate

these symptoms and stop them from becoming chronic.

Your body is your best ally. It knows how and wants to heal itself.

Let's facilitate that healing together and get you back to living your life with less pain.

Rhonda Newton

License Massage Therapist